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Used For:Professional Disposable Piercing Guns for Body Pierced, Such as Ears, Helix, Cartilage, Inner Lobe, Rook, Tragus, Re-Pierced. It can be Safely Pierced for One Time Use. NO Cross Infection, NO Allergy, No Pain, No Crying.
Materials :Stud Earrings are Made in Surgical Stainless Steal Materials, All 316L Stud Earrings are Made in 100000 Grade Clean Room, Sterilized by EO Gas. Please Don’t Use if the Package is Open or Damaged, and Contact Rocklife Directly.
Size: Sharp Pin: 20G (0.8mm); Length of Pin: 0.039’(10mm); Cubic Zirconia: 4mm; sharp enough to make an actual clean incision thru the flesh
Instructions: a> Disinfect Area You Want to Pierce with Alcohol. b> Mark the Points You Want to Pierce. c> Hold the Ear Piercing Gun at the Mark on the Ear. d> Push Hard so the Stud will Remain on the Ears, and the Gun Body will Automatically Fall off.
What’s in the box: 4pcs Disposable Piercing Guns, (Each Unit Combines Self-destroying Ear Piercing Gun) 4pcs Sharp Pin Stud Earrings (4pcs Stud Earrings are Preloaded in the Ear Pierce Gun) 4pcs Safety Bullet Backs

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